New Opportunities After Uganda’s Partial Lifting of Pandemic Restrictions

Travel is now normal provided passengers are kept at 50% of normal capacity. Churches are now open, but must keep an attendance of 200 people at a time. Everyone is required to keep 2-meter distance and keep their mask on while in public. Thank you for your prayer support for Uganda. The June 2021 situation was worrying.

Since the April 2020 lock-down we have been working towards strengthening our grassroots operations to ensure another lockdown does not cripple our work. We are glad to report that we are doing better. Part of this success is demonstrated in our quest to empower people at the grassroots. We have planned several grassroots training for leaders in several local areas. Please keep us in prayer so we can find all the financial resources we need to accomplish these plans.

Continuing Leadership Enhancement Webinars

Leadership development webinars started in April 2020 during the first Uganda’s lockdown. In June 2021 we intensified our online activities, influenced by the second lockdown. While we were unable to travel that time, we have seen that the online webinars are enabling us reach potential leaders from a wide spectrum and we are maintaining this program.

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