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LD Series Launched in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement
March 29, 2021 Developing Leaders,HCA Workshops,News Digest,Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement,Training Opportunities HCAA Admin

We have just completed the first of five Leadership Development (LD) workshops planned for Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in 2021 and early 2022. 20 leaders of leaders participated. Overall the training was very inspirational, full of practical learning. The workshop involved active pastors and leaders of youth and children. The next hands-on workshop is planned for

HCA Workshops
November 10, 2020 Face-Contact Workshops,HCA Workshops HCAA Admin

Please scroll down for scheduled workshops and sign-up as convenient. To ensure our services are sustainable, we have introduced a fee for the course. This does not apply to refugees and special attention groups that we find in the field. Our participant fees are calculated only to cover direct cost of participation. Online programs do