14 Children Receive Hens in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement

We are glad to report the successful delivery of 28 chicken to 14 children in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. This is the initial step of an ongoing child empowerment program for children who need help. The purpose of the chicken project is to enable children find an income to support their personal needs, while guardians look for bigger needs such as school fees. In 6 months, after an evaluation, we expect to increase the number of benefiting children or increase the stock of those doing very well. We are grateful to Voyagers Bible Church, California, for the support.

This kind of support does not suite children in capital cities or orphanages. While those that remain in homes may suffer disadvantages and lack of care, our focus is to run progressive projects with a few who can serve as models for the rest.

Categories: Child Empowerment

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