Cornerstone Ministry

Haavard and Maria Nygjerde

Cornerstone Ministry is working in partnership with Hope Community Action Africa to help people out of poverty into freedom through Christ, by strengthening them where they are; into the promises of life of abundance and victory, meeting people where they are and based on the needs they have, as Jesus did.

Cornerstone Ministry is led by Havard and Maria Nygjerde.

Enduring Treasure Ministries

Enduring Treasure Ministries (ETM) mission is to inspire and equip Christian leaders to excel in transforming ministry. ETM has a passion to provide fuel for ministry leaders based on the eternal principles of God’s Word. Through dynamic training courses and individualized coaching, ETM encourages, strengthens, and equips ministry leaders to continue to follow God’s calling as they take the Word of God to the people that He has placed in their lives.

ETM provides and supports a course unit; Building Great Teams for Great Ministry since April 10th 2021. ETM has also provided individual coaching to HCA Team Leader, February – March 2021.

ETM is accepting individual online donations to Hope Community Action Africa, from the HCA giving community in USA. In compliance to the requirements of the US Internal Revenue Service, HCA is accountable both to the donors and ETM for the support received through ETM.

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