Hope Community Action

Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa is a non-profit organization with mission to equip community based teams for effective ministry through joint prayer, training and providing needed resources. HCA works in partnership with local Churches and community leaders to identify committed ministry volunteers, who eventually form community based teams.  We then work with these teams to reach out to the much larger and diverse community.

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What We Do

Our programs: Research and Communication, Sports Ministry, Special Projects, Family Leadership and Leadership Development.

We are still developing several resources. Some of them can be completed and availed on time with you joining in prayer, financial support, voluntary labor or sharing with a friend who can help in any of the mentioned areas.

Please navigate through icons below for currently available resources.

News Digest

News Digest

It’s in pursuit of the HCA vision that we hosted 20 leaders to a prayer breakfast in Kampala on July 6th 2019, Saturday, with theme, ‘Shining God’s Light in my Community’ (Matthew 5:14-16).

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A Busy Prayer and Action Week for Hope Community Action Africa in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement – July 27 to Aug 3, 2019

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Hope Community Action (HCA) has accomplished a research on access to safe water and post-primary education. Thanks to everyone who supported us through prayer and financial support.

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Extremely organised group with relevant mission.