From Nothing to Something

Standing on one of the hills in the rural areas of Kisoro (Western Uganda) where we work, looking at the children who gather around and the conditions they live in, it all indicates a very high level of poverty. The young people we work with are even more disadvantaged than the rest in such communities.  Meanwhile, elsewhere some good fellow in a developed world has earned more money than he would care to spend.  We bring these stories to you to encourage you to give. 

We recently shared a story about Bureke and the conditions her family were in. We visited her and two other families in the same compound, and shared benefits of sanitation. The leaders we went with voluntarily offered materials to improve sanitation.  This goal has been achieved so far, though not with a superior expectation. The good news is that rather than doing things for them, we moved them to improve their own lives by applying more effort! It’s just one step above, from nothing to something!

Bureke has also been started on a trial income generating project, to see how it goes in 3 months and scale up if it works well.  A concerned child of God who read our first story about her sent the financial gift she is going to use. 

It is important to help the poor and that’s why we will continue to send you these reports. Our target is to inspire you to give even more. We’ll continue to show you how your gift is working.

Our goal in 2023 is to work with 100 children born with HIV in Kisoro district, Southwest Uganda. We estimate this population to be 100.  We are already working with 40 that we have been able to raise support for. We need support to reach the remaining 60%.

Thank you for listening and for acting.

We are sending out this update to remind you to pray for these children, their families, and communities.  To support our work, you can visit our website and follow the donate link.  When you get an opportunity to visit, please consider reaching our project to see what we are doing.  Have a blessed week.

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