“We Are Going to Die”, A Mother of 7 Cries Out!

During our survey in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in July, one parent, a mother of seven, said, “We are going to die”, in a voice so compelling that it has been very hard ignoring that statement.  We must recognize the effort of UNHCR and other support agencies in providing water to the refugees. But there seems to be an urgent need for intervention to save the lives of the population depending on swamp water for sustenance.

Your Support Can Make a Difference

Last week we held several meetings to ensure core stakeholders are aware of the water crisis in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.  This week and the following one we will continue meetings with focus on extent of our own interventions in the settlement, with the help of God’s caring people.  As this happens please consider supporting our ministry financially as well.

Areas of Support:

  1. A safe water initiative for Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement
  2. Leadership Development – Training & Resources
  3. Sports Equipment for young people
  4. Continuing Research – it’s the gateway to effective solutions

Feel free to forward or share this page with a friend or group you think might be having the same concern.

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