HCA Board Meeting

Two More Weeks of Lock-down Won’t Cripple Us

Special congratulations to all mothers, especially mothers of mothers! Yesterday was also my birthday. My wife and the boys splashed water on me after singing ‘Happy birthday…’! That made me feel loved. It makes a difference!

On May 5th Uganda allowed factories and wholesalers to reopen but extended the lock-down for 14 days. On May 6th our Board reviewed our mission and strategy, not only for the COVID-19 season which is temporary, but for the next season of our operations beyond lock-down. COVID-19 has just been a reminder to rekindle the passion we had from the beginning of our ministry inception, where family was emphasized.

We know well that if we follow that model from now on, we won’t be broadly affected by short-term turbulence like we’ve faced since March.

Feel free to visit our website, write to us or ask a question. Get in touch with our international community lead contacts for a testimony of us from their perspective now in USA, UK, Norway and Germany. We are still looking for funding to support our staff and crucial activities. Please visit our website to see which of the six program areas you’d like to support.

Like the British say, Blessings on Your Camels!

Emmanuel Manishimwe,
Team Leader,
Hope Community Action Africa.
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