Life in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement

Hope Community Action (HCA) has just accomplished a field research on access to safe water and post-primary education.  We’re yet to complete the documentation phase and launch advocacy activities.  Thanks to everyone who supported us through prayer and financial support. HCA research and communication program will help to identify areas of critical need in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.  We believe that when caring people and agencies get updates on these needs they can know how to pray and where to help. Our research findings are open to all relevant stakeholders.  We’ll formally release findings as soon as our procedure is complete.

Prayer Needs (August 2019):

  • Timely completion of the documentation process
  • Successful advocacy process to add voice on the critical need for safe water and special education interventions in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement

HCA was also privileged to engage over 30 leaders representing about 100 pastors in the refugee settlement.  It was amazing to see their support and welcome rendered to Hope Community Action.  We hope that Churches and community leaders will help us identify exemplary leaders we can focus on to empower so that they return to provide in-depth train programs to others as well. 

HCA focus areas:
1.    Research and Communication: Focus on sustainable peace processes and essential basic needs; access to safe water, education and family leadership.
2.    Sports Ministry: Focus on non-formal education; Biblical development model, behavior change, career guidance, hygiene, environmental care.
3.    Special Projects: Our primary goal is to support more actors with up-to-date information essential for designing up-to-date interventions in target communities.  Our secondary goal is to implement special projects to address critical gaps observed through our research and communication program, in collaboration with relevant existing development practitioners in the target community.  
4.    Leadership Development: Focus on empowering Community Based teams (CBT) and enabling them to reach out to their larger target communities using available resources and a language most of the people understand. Our leadership development scope includes program design, planning, implementation, monitoring and review, ICT enhancement and participatory community based interventions with practical focus on HCA active programs within the target community.

Feel free to share with a friend who you think might be concerned. 

With thanks,

Emmanuel Manishimwe,
Team Leader,
Hope Community Action Africa.

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