Leadership Development Workshops Extend to Kampala

Harvard and Maria Nygjerdde leading a devotion.

We started a discipleship course with a new bunch of people on the 20th of September 2020. The participants were introduced to what discipleship means and a few basics on discipleship. Discipleship is a basic course for all HCA teams at all levels.  We started with a devotion led by Harvard and Maria Nygjerde from Norway who spoke to the group online, and other speakers were Mr. Kenneth Prochnow, Mr. Emmanuel Manishimwe , Mrs Dorothy Wataba and Pastor Raphael Kajjubi

Dorothy teaching about movements of discipleship 

Participants listening to Ken via zoom

Pastor Raphael discussing the church circle evaluation tool on 12th September 2020

 On the other hand the discipleship resource group continues to have their weekly leadership development (discipleship) meetings. We are looking forward to holding more discipleship workshops.

The Discipleship resource group  meeting of 12th September 2020 

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