A collaborative skype meeting with Mr Ambrose Ogwang (Left), LWF Area Coordinator, Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement

Challenged but Pressing On

We are in a challenging season! Uganda is currently on lock-down! As Hope Community Action Africa we support the World Health Organization and the Government of Uganda in effort to control the spread of the deadly disease, COVID-19.

We are working in our homes and still connected to our communities by phone and social media, but we are postponing all activities that involve many people. All training and special events such as the WASH Campaign have been postponed. Following Government directives, we’ll review our schedule on April 27th 2020.

Collaboration with LWF

he Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is a major player in humanitarian work in Ugandan Refugee Camps and Settlements, including Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement where we work. LWF work in Rwamwanja stood out in our research on Access to Safe Water and Post-Primary Education in the settlement in July 2019. We’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with LWF Uganda to enable us introduce sports outreach integrated with career motivation, life skills and health awareness through sports, in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.

Ongoing Work

We have an opportunity to develop printed information tools as scheduled, since this does not require physical contact to be accomplished. Since many of our local and international community are working from home, we hope we can have more volunteers for this. The King’s Active Foundation UK is preparing Sports training resources. We have to develop the remaining part – integrated content. This content includes Life Skills, Career Motivation, Personal Hygiene and Environmental Health. As our brothers and sisters are fighting the deadly virus COVID-19, please spare your time and give your knowledge towards the resources that will help up to 10,000 young people pear year in Uganda alone for 2020 and 2021. If you can volunteer to help please write to us using the contact address at the end of this news update.

Once the Lock-down is over our training programs and related mobilization will resume. Our role is to mobilize and coordinate training for leaders of children and youth in Churches, and Games-teachers in primary schools around the settlement (108 leaders altogether including oversight Pastors and Head-teachers), and enabling access to basic sports equipment as these leaders work with young people in their communities.

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