21 Children Receive Hens for Starter Income Generating Activities  

21 children have received 40 hens in total, for growing at home.  Each of the children has signed an agreement that they will keep the chicken reproducing.  When the chicken grow big and reach 20, we have encouraged them to contact us to join them in construction of their chicken houses.

We started this kind of venture in October 2021 in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.  Within 5 months one of those recipients  is expected to reach 20 big chicken.

This is just the first step in our income generating program designed for orphans and vulnerable children.  This intervention is expected to impact the children’s access to food and other basic needs at home. 

We will continue monitoring their progress and providing needed training regularly, in effort to strengthen their own action towards obtaining a regular income for food at home and other basic needs.

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