Demonstrating the love of Christ through prayer, word and action.

The HCA Fellowship is comprised of members from different denominations and backgrounds, joined together by the love for Christ, with commitment to personal growth in practical faith and good works.

We are a community of God-fearing leaders joining hands to pray for and support the needy in our community as much as we can, trusting God to make a turning point in their lives so they can recover and help others in turn. As we do that we devote ourselves to Biblical learning and obedience, to ensure our work and efforts yield tremendous results.


Please fill this form if you would like to join the HCA Fellowship. Please follow the provided link to read information on HCA and HCAF before you fill this form: .

Joining the HCA Fellowship will give you the opportunity to:

  • Be part of our local community praying for the work of Hope Community Action Africa.
  • Interact with other local members supporting the work of Hope Community Action Africa materially or financially.
  • Attend a prayer breakfast or conference, and select a child/family to pray for.

Please fill the form below or scan the following code if you would like to join the HCA Fellowship.

HCAF Application Form