Annual General Meeting

HCA is currently focused children from 3-17 years, classified as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), that are infected with HIV/AIDS from birth, and that are in critical need of intervention.

The work of Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa was first inspired in August 2012 as a transformational agency encouraging parents to take responsibility for nurturing their own children into Godliness and productivity. Seven years later (July 2019), the ministry was officially established.

A Review of Bishop Festo Kivengere’s book, ‘Revolutionary Love’ (1988), created a sense of urgency to help young people find the Truth, and help adults reconnect with the true God.  Kivengere wrote,  

“It is Christ’s revolutionary love that Africa needs to bring radically new relationships – between clans, tribes, nations, races, political parties and ideologies.  It alone can cure economic exploitations, rampant corruption, unjust laws and hostility between religious denominations.”

Housing is as basic as anywhere in the world, children have few if any clothes.  Children are mainly in female-only-led families, and the home-head is likely to literally ‘dig for money’ as this is the only form of paid work.  Digging for money involves digging other people’s land, it’s physically brutal and very low paid.

Poverty is complex and the children are victims of circumstance. They have little or no clothes by the time we reach them, deprived of education, and living in the most basic way. The children are traumatized by the multiple challenges they face.

The OVC intervention project has been established for this purpose.