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First Annual General Meeting Inspires Courage

First Annual General Meeting Inspires Courage, HCA Grassroots Committees Formed, HCA Receives New Volunteer.

Two participants including Mr. Ken Prochnow, were
scheduled to attend the annual general meeting online.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Hope Community Action Africa was attended by 10 members, representing about 40 core leaders. Members reviewed the ministry audit report and strategic plan for the next 5 years. Members ended the meeting with prayer for the ministry. What is encouraging is the fact that the AGM was proof of the Annual General Assembly owning the ministry. The AGM is formed of members representing grassroots representatives, Board of Directors, Staff, representatives of active resource groups and support partners. The next annual general meeting will take place in August 2021.

HCA Grassroots Committees Formed

HCA believes in empowering community based teams as an effective empowerment strategy, as opposed to doing things ourselves, always. We value sustainability and community ownership, that’s why we have encouraged our local beneficiary communities to select their leadership. Our next step is to provide training for these leaders as we wait for Government to reopen social activities, which currently include sports programs and big gatherings.

HCA Receives New Volunteer

We have been blessed to receive a new volunteer, Ms. Promise Kukunda, an intern from Makerere University, department of development studies. Promise will be serving with HCA in the area of planning, mobilization, administration and coordination of ongoing online leadership development programs.

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Please reach out to us to learn more indepth how you can be part of this crucial ministry. In the meantime, we count on your continued support for this ministry.

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