Annual General Meeting
  1. God-fearing – While we respect all people categories we work with, we never compromise our loyalty to the one God who has graciously given us this assignment and by whom we shall effectively accomplish our goals. He created all of them, loves them and has the solution to the problems they face.
  2. Sustainable – Ensuring high impact and continuity, thereby reducing dependency and the rate of vulnerability for the beneficiaries. We are motivated by seeing lasting positive changes out of our interventions.
  3. Focus on Children – All our interventions are directly or strategically focused on children. Even when we may work with adults, it’s for the children that we engage their caregivers in order to reach sustainable goals.
  4. Unity – We work for unity and cohesion and live as examples in that regard. We are outside religious, social and political differences.
  5. Transparency – Our openness is intended to motivate stakeholders and increase level of investment.
  6. Accountability – We ensure timely accountability in accordance with partnership agreements. Our work is tremendous and the need is great. It’s imperative that all our partners remain confident that every donated penny with us is in safe hands.
  7. Participation – We engage the beneficiary community to own the programs intended for them, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.
  8. Collaboration – Whatever we do, we do it to the glory of God. We achieve better results when we work with others.
  9. Equal Access – Our field operations are designed to benefit all people without religious, social, or political discrimination.