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PAYSCO Teens 2019

The sports outreach program is a dynamic component of HCA interventions. This program started in Kampala at the request of a key Pastor in Kampala, Uganda, even before our ministry started. As we concluded a research in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, it was clear that the only effective program for motivating children to remain in school was sports.

Do not underestimate the impact of sport. Sport itself has the capacity to provide non-formal education to children, even those for whom it would be difficult to settle in class for the ordinary curriculum.

HCA sports program extends to supporting all local community based agencies, Churches and individuals using sports to empower young people. For this reason our sports program has been mainly designed to empower local sports ministry leaders. We also share how sports ministry can be effective for:

  • Promoting good discipline
  • Church-based discipleship programs
  • Community based development interventions – life skills, hygiene awareness, environmental campaigns.
  • Rescue – We’ve used sport collaboratively with other participating agencies to rescue children from the streets.

A survey implemented by Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa in July and August 2019 helped to provide guiding information on access to education in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, from the refugees’ perspective. A sample of 190 respondents selected from varied areas in the settlement indicated the causes of high school drop-out was mainly lack financial capacity to raise required school fees, scholastic materials and daily transport to school.

Even when the biggest need may be financial, 65% of the respondents believe sensitization, encouragement and mobilization can motivate children to remain in school. HCA believes sports outreaches integrated with career motivation, life-skills, hygiene and environmental health in the settlement and neighboring community can make a significant impact towards the situation.

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