Sports and Health

Sports is our major area of expertise. We provide training for multi-disciplinary sports outreach practitioners including our own multi-skilled volunteers. We provide shared sports equipment for underprivileged communities.

Health Integration

Sports, on its own, has strong and long-term health benefits if utilized appropriately and consistently. With this relevance we are integrating the family health component to enrich our existing activities.

Rwamwanja Refugee settlement

A research we carried out in July and August 2019 indicated that 29% of the refugees in the settlement were still depending on Swamp water by end of August 2019. There is an alarming high level of school drop out. The causes of this drop-out was mainly lack financial capacity to raise required school fees, scholastic materials and daily transport to school. Even when the biggest need may be financial, 65% of the respondents believe sensitization, encouragement and mobilization can motivate children to remain in school. We believe sports outreach integrated with career motivation and health awareness can improve quality learning, school retention and family health, among all other benefits.

There’s currently little care about the environment. People still litter anywhere including on public roads. Uganda has sufficient regulation on environmental protection. The problem is that those laws are not being followed. Now that there’s enough basic regulation, our intervention is to mobilize and educate local communities on benefits of family-based hygiene and environmental responsibility.