Integrated Research is a core program of Hope Community Action Africa. We first learnt the significance of maintaining this program when we were visiting Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. We observed the settlement had many needs and there were so many agencies operating there. We chose to start from research to help us understand the situation better.

In July – August 2019 we implemented a research on access to safe water and post-primary education in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. We could have tried to install a single borehole and the problem would have remained large, we instead chose to find out what would be needed to improve access to safe water for everyone. During an integrated advocacy phase, we confirmed good news of the UNHCR and National Water and Sewerage Corporation plan to provide piped water. We believe our research was highly encouraging and successful.

Integrated research is a powerful tool that powers our unique performance. It’s the one that shapes our strategy, enables our network to stay focused, prevents unnecessary duplication of interventions and helps us focus on strategies towards long-term solutions!

Research synergy is the power behind our success stories and the fuel for our dynamic approach. It so essential considering our operational values;; we don’t just carry out activities, we engage the community to find long-term solutions to their own problems.

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