Research & Communication

Research and communication is a core program of Hope Community Action with focus on sustainable peace processes and essential basic needs; access to safe water, education and family leadership.

This program involves three essential stages:

  1. Research:  Studying an overarching problem and documenting findings
  2. Communication:  Sharing findings and recommendations with core stakeholders.  
  3. Review:  Reviewing outcomes of our communication and impact of stakeholder response towards the problem.  This helps to ascertain whether the problem is now resolved or whether an additional study is required to fully analyze causes of the continuing problem.  

Sustainable Peace Processes

Focus is on conflict areas and refugee communities.

Access to Safe Water

Focus is on vulnerable communities including refugee settlements.


Focus is on vulnerable communities including refugee settlements.

Family Leadership

Focus is on family communication, care and responsibility towards a healthy and secure community. 

News Digest

Our news digest is published regularly.  It’s a prayer and motivation journal that integrates exciting activity updates from the entire Great Lakes region wherever our ministries are.  

Annual Magazine

We hope to make a difference as we work in partnership with Churches and community leaders to share valuable experiences and inspiration through a research-powered magazine.

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