Sports Ministry

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines sport as a single or group of activities involving physical effort, skill; governed by rules, and sometimes engaged in professionally. The word ministry comes from the verb, ‘to minister’ which means to give care or active help to someone.

Sports Ministry refers to the use of sport to reach strategic objectives. This is what makes sports ministry unique. Sports ministry is a combination of two major entities; sport and ministry. Each of these can be programmed independently. When joined the two have a very strong effect.

HCA sports ministry program aims to provide leadership enrichment opportunities to leaders of children and youth. These leaders improve the quality of children’s lives by running integrated sports activities.

What Can I Use Sports Ministry For?

  • Sports ministry can be used to effectively teach Godly life skills to young people.
  • Sports ministry can be used to strengthen interpersonal relationships.
  • Sports ministry is effective for influencing behavior change.
  • Sports ministry can also be effective for;
    • Widespread Health Campaigns
    • Rehabilitating disadvantaged children
    • Non-Formal Education
    • Development awareness campaigns

How Can I Use Sports Ministry to Help Young People?

Our sports ministry conferences help participants to know how they can use sports ministry to help young people. There are also other opportunities that individuals can know about when they write to us inquiring.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • HCA Capability:
    • Providing a leaders’ training team of 2-4 leaders able to travel countrywide
    • Providing a children’s facilitator team of 2-4 leaders able to travel countrywide
    • Shared support for training or facilitator team
    • Our teams come along with required sports equipment, for the training or children’s event at no extra cost
    • HCA teams / facilitators serve as models – there must be at least an equal number of host persons fully engaged with them, to ensure impact, motivation and continuity.
    • Follow up and further training for host persons who worked with our teams throughout the year

Please do not hesitate to write to us with comments or questions.