Sustainable Peace Processes

Praying for Sustainable Peace

David had realized there were so many enemies turning against him. But he knew God was always there to protect him. Sometimes we pray with a short-term mindset. David’s focus was long-term, no wonder God kept revealing to him about the future kingdom and how one descendant of his would be King forever!

We see David praying an extraordinary prayer, “…punish all my enemies and leave them powerless to harm me.” (Psalms 3:7-8).  David’s prayer helped his son King Solomon to govern in peace. All his reign, he was at peace with all the neighboring countries. The people throughout Judah and Israel lived in safety. (1 Kings 4:24-25).

Our inspiration

Let’s fill the gap and pray for our current leaders and for sustainable peace in our nations.  The first objective for Hope Community Action Africa is to implement ongoing research and communication activities leading to the strengthening of sustainable peace processes.  Please pray that God grows our ministry impact and that He may be seen and not us, since we run this mission in honor and understanding that God loves us all and wants us to live in peace. We are continually praying for peace in the Great Lakes region. Please join us from your homes, nations and ministries you serve in, and always mention a prayer with faith, for this region.

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