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The Great Lakes region is marred with conflict ranging from tribal clashes to wider armed struggles, some seemingly endless.  In relatively calm areas there remains other problems such as domestic violence and interdenominational stand-off.  These problems affect children tremendously.  We hope to make a difference as we work in partnership with Churches and community leaders to share experiences and research based peace processes that many Church and community leaders can emulate, with hope that a change in mind-set will cause the community to work together to find solutions to rampant problems children face, using available resources.  As a result even vulnerable children and young people will have improved access to basic needs; clean water, food, safe environment, education, shelter, clothing and adult care.


HCA Magazine is an annual publication of Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa. The magazine captures core events and messages of the year and documents them in a magazine form for its local and international community. The HCA magazine includes our latest research publications and a section for outstanding content from each of our active programs.

HCA Magazine is an informational and empowerment tool, and  the community is encouraged to actively interact with it for effectiveness and impact.  


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