The OVC support program is focused on providing support to helpless Orphans and Vulnerable Children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. We now know that these children can have a bright future. We want to play a part in making this a reality.

Our effort is to ensure these children access their basic needs: education with scholastic materials and lunch provided at school, sustainable food supply at home, clothing, a home where they feel loved and cared for and medical care. Currently the children we work with have access to medical care, leaving us to concentrate on the rest of the needs.

Our extra curricular engagement, particularly sports and non-formal holistic development are added opportunities for the treasured children.

About 85% of the families we work with have no access to a regular food supply and at least 50% of the children were not in any form of school or education due to the complexities of their circumstances and their extremely low socio-economic status by the beginning of January 2022.

For the long-term health of the children, it’s imperative that they receive an education. School attendance has additional and critical benefits – children receive lunch each day, they have clothes to wear, and they are mixing with other children that are developing, rather than tagging along with adults that are digging for money, or being isolated at home.

In addition to enabling children to be educated, the plan is for the children and their guardians to attend a monthly meeting that will help them to develop additional life-skills, including the opportunity to start their own income-generating projects.