Sport and activity intervention training session

Project Vision

100 orphans and vulnerable children obtaining quality education, growing healthy and developing essential skills, confidence, and opportunity.

Project Mission

In Education: School fees, uniform, lunch
In Health: ARV program, HIV Suppressed
In Community: Protection, respect, relations, support.

Project Objectives

  1. To support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) through education, synergistic health interventions, and life skills.
  2. To provide sport and activity interventions to enhance child protection.
  3. To support OVC caregivers with income-generating projects, to enable them to access basic needs.

Project Activities

  1. Education – School fees, lunch, uniform
  2. Synergistic health interventions – Counselling, dietary support, and life skills.
  3. Child protection – sport and activity intervention
  4. Income-generating projects

Focus Group

  1. Vulnerable Children
  2. Disadvantaged Families


Plot 52, Bunagana Road (Opposite Kisoro Hospital), Kisoro district, Uganda, East Africa.


  1. Voyagers Bible Church, USA.
  2. King’s Active Foundation, UK.
  3. Cornerstone Ministry, Norway.
  4. Enduring Treasure Ministries.
  5. April and Leif Jacobsen.
  6. Friends of HCA.


  1. Kisoro District Local Government.
  2. Kisoro Hospital.
  3. Joint Clinical Research Center – Kigezi Region.


3 years

Start Date

January 2022