You Can Help by Prayer!

Sometimes we only look for financial solutions to problems and forget the greatest catalyst, prayer! Please join us as we pray for children at risk, in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. Our prayer focus this season is children with skin infections.

We visited the settlement last week and played games with 380 young people, and shared personal hygiene and environmental heath insights. We were blessed to have Mr. Richard Holmes and Ms. Tendekai Mukoyi from the Kings Active Foundation UK visit the settlement at the same time. Mr. Holmes and Ms. Tendekai have a rich knowledge of adaptable games, some of which they taught to the young people.

We gave participating children a card to remind them what we learnt that day. We have customized a replica for you to use as a reminder to pray for the children at risk in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. Click here to download one from our website.

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