God’s People Giving to the Ministry

God’s People Giving to the Ministry
December 14, 2019 No Comments » Ministry Update - Weekly HCAA Admin

This week we are giving thanks for the people God has used to support the ministry in different ways. As we work towards raising the minimum support we need to run the ministry, we received several individuals who came over to our office and bought a donated book to support the ministry. Another stakeholder ordered a fuel pump attendant to fuel the Team Leader’s car!

Meanwhile, we strangely lost pictures of December 8th, Sunday. We were using a Sumsung Galaxy phone. One of our Board members was touched by the sad news and donated a camera to the ministry! Awesome!

May God lead our ministry always! May He bless all of you giving to the ministry in different ways, including those who have inspired us the past few weeks to start a local resource mobilization research on an HCA Resource Center!

May the Lord be with you through the Christmas season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Upcoming Events / Core Activities

• Sports Ministry Outreach – PAYSCO 2019 Teens Program Mukono – December 2019.
• Sports Ministry Outreach – Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement – January 2020, along with the Kings’ Active Foundation.
• Local resource mobilization research – HCA Resource Center


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