Literature Initiative

Easy-to-Read resources

…provision of resources that will spur hope in the lives of children.

We have completed 13 planned levels of the Family Devotional Guide framework. We are now transitioning the Family Devotional Guide program to Literature Initiative; with Miss. Jenniffer Ninsiima as the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Miss. Jenniffer Ninsiima

One of the largest needs in Churches and families is the availability of easy-to-read, self-help, culturally adapted literature available in the language and design young people will like and understand. It’s God’s desire that we accomplish this, an inspiration from five scriptures teaching us the significance of setting a good example for young people and ensuring we raise them in the knowledge and the fear of God.

Under this program we will:
• Launch a systematic, integrated research and development phase that will lead to development of Biblical literature and optimization of those existing to a recommendable standard.
• Maintain an annual family devotional framework starting 2020, both digital and in-print.
• Maintain a regularly updated monthly family devotional guide framework till December 2019.