Family Leadership

HCA Family Leadership program provides research-based family support to parents, in their effort raise their children in righteousness as God has already instructed in Deuteronomy 6. This program is most suitable for families with children below 17 years. The requirement to set a good example for children is not a request, it’s a command.  Failure to do this amounts to rebellion. 

This program is founded on five inspirational scriptures:

1. Numbers 20:1-13. Although God still took Moses to heaven, he showed He had been angry at Moses’ failure to carefully observe the instruction He had given him. Moses could not be allowed to enter the Promised Land.

2. Samuel 2:12-4:22. When Eli was the High Priest, his sons were rebellious and very disrespectful to God. They gave in to their shameful greed and sin that God had to also judge their father for ignoring to correct them. Eli seemed to have treasured his sons more than helping them obey and fear God. Eventually he lost them to war and equally died when the news reached him.

3. Samuel 8. Prophet Samuel was a very respectable prophet but his sons did not follow their father’s example of unreserved obedience to God. Their ungodliness was one of the reasons the Israelites dwelt on to demand for their own king like the gentile nations.

4. Samuel 11-22. There was transcendent peace in King David’s family until he sinned against God by committing adultery, scheming with intention to hurt others, murder and telling lies in attempt to conceal his sin. As a result his family became so chaotic and uncontrollable that even one of his sons successfully captured power from him and attempted to eliminate him. Had it not been God’s help after David repented in tears and fasting, King David would not have been restored to leadership.

5. Deuteronomy 6:1-9. God commanded the Israelites to obey Him and instruct their children in righteousness.

Family Leadership program has 3 major components:

i. An interactive Family Devotional Guide (FDG)

ii. FDG related family books

iii. Inspirational leaders’ handbook

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