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Donate by Bank / Online Wire

Kindly send email to and request for bank wire details. We will send these to you immediately at your request.

Donate by Phone

You can donate to HCA by phone:+256 785 460099 [Registered name: Emmanuel Manishimwe]. All finances sent to this phone are considered property of Hope Community Action Africa.

Donate via a Registered Partner in your Country

Kindly scroll below to send your donations through a registered partner in your country.


Voyagers Bible Church
6000 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine,
CA 92618, United States

Contact Person: Mr. Kenneth Prochnow
+1 (714) 904-9198
(Prior appointment required)


Missionswerk Frohe Botschaft
(MFB e.V.)
Nordstraße 15
37247 Großalmerode
Tel. 05604-5066
Fax: 05604-7397

Contact Person: Rev. Hartmut Krause


Contact Persons: Havard and Maria Nygjerde

Donate towards our website

Donate towards our website

The website enables us to communicate effectively with our community and helps us report back on how your gifts are being utilized. Part of your gift will cover online meeting fees. Most of these meetings are phased online training to community based leaders with access to internet.


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