Holistic Growth and Development Course

This course is concerned with increasing awareness and knowledge in handling children through their growth patterns, but goes ahead to develop awareness and knowledge in developing the desired quality in children . The main objective is to understand children better, at every stage, and support them to make healthy choices.

This course includes two spiritual aspects; Moral Values, which is designated for all children, and Christian Discipleship, which is designated for Christian children with caregiver consent, or young adults who signup for the course unit at age 18. Critical aspects of our vision are only possible not only through providing synergistic growth and development to children, but more importantly, by our exemplariness as children workers.

We often employ staff who qualify through education, training and experience. However, we are starting an empowerment program critical for the effectiveness of our personnel – full time, volunteers and part-time. We are designing these courses as open opportunities for other persons working in other projects or organizations, including individuals who may need to add this training onto their short-course portfolio. Opening up this opportunity enhances the knowledge and awareness of individuals serving children. It’s not a promise for job placement, but may prove an asset in future as opportunities unfold, not only with us but with other children’s actors as well.

If interested to attend as a participant, or if you feel inspired to attend as facilitator, please do not hesitate to write to us. There may be additional requirements for individuals wishing to make a contribution through training; nothing of a hassle but to ensure our own compliance and due diligence.