Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa is a non-governmental organization incorporated and licensed in Uganda since July 2019. HCA trust and high-quality performance are powered by the HCAF (HCA Fellowship), an interdenominational Christian community of leaders with the inspiration to change the world around them.

Our Vision

“A God-fearing, vibrant, self-sustaining community living in peace and family health.”


“Promoting peace and family health”


“Peace and family health”


  • God-fearingWhile we respect all people categories we work with, we never compromise our loyalty to the one God who has graciously given us this assignment and by whom we shall effectively accomplish our goals. He created all of them, loves them and has the solution to the problems they face.
  • Vibrant – We are committed to developing smart, lively, active and engaging team, always focused on getting the best results out of their service.
  • Self-SustainingEnsuring high impact and continuity, thereby reducing dependency and the rate of vulnerability.
  • Community We are committed to developing and growing a network of God-fearing people sharing the same interest or passion to change the world around them into a better place.
  • Focus on ChildrenAll our interventions are directly or strategically focused on children.
  • CollaborationWhatever we do, we do it to the glory of God. We achieve better results when we work with others. We believe God will draw more people to join us.
  • ParticipationWe engage the beneficiary community to own the programs intended for them, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Transparency Our openness is intended to motivate stakeholders and increase level of investment.
  • Equal AccessOur field operations are designed to benefit all people without religious, social, or political discrimination.


It is Christ’s revolutionary love that Africa needs to bring radically new relationships – between clans, tribes, nations, races, political parties and ideologies. It alone can cure economic exploitations, rampant corruption, unjust laws and hostility between religious denominations. 

Bishop Festo Kivengere (1988)


  1. Helping children get education, food, and psychosocial support.
  2. Support children’s recovery through synergistic health interventions.
  3. Enhancing child protection through sport and activity interventions.
  4. Enabling children and their caregivers access basic needs through income-generating projects.
  5. Enhancing HCA teams’ proficiency through a systematic leadership development program.


  1. Education
  2. Food Intervention
  3. Psychosocial Support
  4. Synergistic Health Interventions
  5. Child Protection
  6. Income Generating Projects
  7. Leadership Development (HCA Teams)

Focus Group

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and their caregiver families.


Kisoro district, Uganda, East Africa.

Liaison Office:

15km West of Kampala Capital City, Uganda.


HCA is a member of:

  • Children At Risk Action Network (CRANE)
  • Incorporated with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Registered and licensed by the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Bureau, Uganda.
  • Registered with the Finance Regulatory Authority (FIA) of Uganda
  • Recognized by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) District National Monitoring Committee.
  • Recognized by Kisoro District Local Government – District National NGO Monitoring Committee.