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Day 10

Theme: Who We Are

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/about-us/


We are a community of God-fearing leaders joining hands to pray for and support the needy in our community as much as we can, trusting God to make a turning point in their lives so they can recover and help others in turn. As we do that we devote ourselves to Biblical learning and obedience, to ensure our work and efforts yield tremendous results. Our vision is to see the people we serve living in peace and family health, spurring hope in the lives of their children.

The HCA Fellowship was established for this purpose. It’s comprised of members from different denominations and backgrounds, joined together by the love for Christ, with commitment to personal growth in practical faith and good works.

Prayer Points:

  • For the local HCA fellowship teams to be firmly established in Uganda: Kisoro and Kampala by end of June 2023.
  • For growth of the HCA fellowship in numbers, understanding of their role in the mission and increased local contributions.
  • For completion of a review of the needs assessment and enrolment procedure by March 2023.

Day 11

Theme: Our Focus

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/about-us/


Demonstrating the love of Christ through word and action. Our current priorities:

  1. Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) 3-17 years, born with HIV and attending an AntiRetroviral Therapy (ART) program with a registered hospital or health center.
  2. Caregivers of the orphans and vulnerable children.

Areas of intervention:

  1. In Education: School fees, uniform, lunch
  2. In Health: Psychosocial support, Nutrition
  3. In Community: Protection, respect, relations, support.

Community Engagement:

  1. Linking OVC to HCAF prayer groups (every member linked to a child to pray for)
  2. Discipleship course for the HCA Fellowship
  3. A children’s transitional rehabilitation home

Prayer Points:

  • For God to bless the children we work with. That will make our efforts very productive.
  • For transformational opportunities for the caregivers of the orphans and vulnerable children, so that the children can feel loved, accepted and befriended in a safe family environment.
  • For financial resources needed to support education, nutrition, psychosocial support and a transitional rehabilitation home for children in critical conditions.

Day 12

Theme: Our Locations

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/about-us/


Countries we are working in: Uganda (East Africa)

Our Locations within Uganda:

  1. Kisoro district (Southwest Uganda, bordering Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo).
  2. Kampala and Wakiso districts (Central Uganda).

Active Programs by Location:

  1. Kisoro district – Kisoro OVC Intervention Project (Education, Psychosocial support, Nutrition, Protection).
  2. Kampala district (Rubaga division) – HCA Fellowship Prayer and Conference Hub (Focus on children).
  3. Wakiso district – Location of the National Liaison Office

Prayer Points:

  1. For peace in Uganda and all neighbouring countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda.
  2. For adequate financial support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s (OVC) interventions.
  3. For the HCA Fellowship to grow in strength and impact in strategic advocacy and support for vulnerable children in their communities.

Day 13

Theme: Our Values

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/about-us/


Our Values:

  1. God-fearing – While we respect all people categories we work with, we never compromise our loyalty to the one God who has graciously given us this assignment and by whom we shall effectively accomplish our goals. He created everyone those we serve, loves them and has the solution to the problems they face.
  2. Sustainable – Ensuring high impact and continuity, thereby reducing dependency and the rate of vulnerability for the beneficiaries. We are motivated by seeing lasting positive changes out of our interventions.
  3. Focus on Children – All our interventions are directly or strategically focused on children. Even when we may work with adults, it’s for the children that we engage their caregivers in order to reach sustainable goals.
  4. Unity – We work for unity and cohesion and live as examples in that regard. We are outside religious, social and political differences.
  5. Transparency – Our openness is intended to motivate stakeholders and increase level of investment.
  6. Accountability – We ensure timely accountability in accordance with partnership agreements. Our work is tremendous and the need is great. It’s imperative that all our partners remain confident that every donated penny with us is in safe hands.
  7. Participation – We engage the beneficiary community to own the programs intended for them, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.
  8. Collaboration – Whatever we do, we do it to the glory of God. We achieve better results when we work with others.
  9. Equal Access – Our field operations are designed to benefit all people without religious, social, or political discrimination.

Prayer Points:

Please pray that God will direct partners with the same values to us.

Day 14

Theme: Our Background

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/about-us/


The work of Hope Community Action (HCA) Africa was first inspired in August 2012 as a transformational agency encouraging parents to take responsibility for nurturing their own children into Godliness and productivity. Seven years later (July 2019), the ministry was officially established.

A Review of Bishop Festo Kivengere’s book, ‘Revolutionary Love’ (1988), created a sense of urgency to help young people find the Truth, and help adults reconnect with the true God. Kivengere wrote,

“It is Christ’s revolutionary love that Africa needs to bring radically new relationships – between clans, tribes, nations, races, political parties and ideologies. It alone can cure economic exploitations, rampant corruption, unjust laws and hostility between religious denominations.”

Observing widespread leadership challenges in the 21st century creates an even deeper sense of urgency for action. With the current human corruption and excessive worldly orientation towards competition, struggle for fame or in effort to preserve self-dignity against hard work and faithfulness, we have more hope to save the children’s future by choosing the right actions now, with whoever is willing to make a difference. This cannot be possible unless God’s people make themselves available enough to freely interact and pray with other leaders without any selfish interest.

The HCA Fellowship was established in effort to address this need.

In December 2021 HCA learnt of the most hurting and neglected category of children, and redesigned its operational strategy to reach them. An estimated 85% of children identified then had no access to a regular food supply and about 50% of them were not in any form of school or education, due to the complexities of their circumstances and their extremely low socio-economic status.

HCA has identified Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), who are living in even worse conditions than children in refugee settlements. Housing is as basic as anywhere in the world, children have few if any clothes. These children are mainly in female-only-led families, and the home-head is likely to literally ‘dig for money’ as this is the only form of paid work. Digging for money involves digging other people’s land, it’s physically brutal and very low paid.

Poverty is complex and the children are victims of circumstance. They have little or no clothes by the time we reach them, deprived of education, and living in the most basic way. The children are traumatized by the multiple challenges they face.

The OVC intervention project has been established for this purpose.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for the HCA Fellowship to grow in numbers and impact, and to be a continuing inspiration for parents to take responsibility for nurturing their own children into Godliness and productivity.
  2. For peace in Uganda and all neighbouring countries – Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda.
  3. For adequate financial support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s (OVC) interventions.

Day 15-17

A mission-related weekend reading will be launched soon.

Day 17

Theme: HCA Fellowship

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/hcaf/


Demonstrating the love of Christ through prayer, word and action.

Joining the HCA Fellowship will provides the opportunity to:

  • Be part of our local community praying for the work of Hope Community Action Africa.
  • Interact with other local members supporting the work of Hope Community Action Africa materially or financially.
  • Attend a prayer breakfast or conference, and select a child/family to pray for.

Prayer Points:

  • For the local HCA fellowship teams to be firmly established in Uganda: Kisoro and Kampala by end of June 2023.
  • For growth of the HCA fellowship in numbers, understanding of their role in the mission and increased local contributions.
  • For the HCA Fellowship to grow in strength and impact in strategic advocacy and support for vulnerable children in their communities.


To invite your God-fearing friends into the HCA Fellowship please forward the following page to them:

Day 18

Theme: The OVC Project

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/ovc-project/


The OVC project is focused on providing support to helpless Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. We now know that these children can have a bright future. We want to play a part in making this a reality.

Our highest priority is on the children that are infected with HIV/AIDS from birth, and that are in critical need of intervention. The children’s HIV/AIDS status is pre-qualified and verified by a government hospital or health centre.

Most of these children are usually left helpless by their parents whose economic status gets stressed up as they battle HIV/AIDS while still alive, and eventually gets worse, leaving them without any access to essential basic needs.

The goal of the OVC project is to support orphans and vulnerable children to obtain quality education, grow healthy and develop essential skills, confidence, and opportunity.

Our OVC Intervention Elements:

Education – School fees, lunch, uniform.
Health – Psychosocial support, nutrition, income generating projects.
In Community – Life skills, Child protection.

Prayer Point:

For adequate funding so we can effectively support all the vulnerable children in our care.

Day 19-21

Theme: The OVC Project Kisoro – Kisoro OVC Intervention Project

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/ovc-project-kisoro/


The OVC project in Kisoro, Kisoro OVC Intervention Project, is a 3 year project operating in Kisoro since January 2022. The project office is located on Plot 52, Bunagana Road, Kisoro district, Uganda, East Africa.

Kisoro is a district in South West Uganda, close the borders of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Kisoro is a major tourist destination in Uganda, with the rare mountain Gorillas found in Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The mountain ranges stretching into the Democratic Republic of Congo start right at the border with the Republic of Rwanda. Despite all the beauty in Kisoro, the poverty and need of the orphans and vulnerable children identified by HCA Africa is overwhelming.

To learn more about the OVC Project please visit the page: https://hcaafrica.org/ovc-project/

Prayer Point:

Kindly pray for more funding so we can increase the number of supported children to 60.

Day 22-23

Weekend (skip). A mission-related weekend reading will be launched soon.

Day 24

Theme: Our Board and Staff

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/team/


Our Board of Directors: Pastor Dora Wataba (Chairperson), Pastor Allen Kajjubi (Treasurer), Mrs. Vicky Ebong (Board member) and Mr. Moses Ndugwa (Board Member).

Our Staff: Mr. Emmanuel Manishimwe (Team Leader), Mrs. Patience Duhimbaze Kakuru (Sports Counsellor).

Prayer Points:

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS: For God’s wisdom and support as they guide management through decisions and oversight.
  • STAFF: For God’s wisdom and precision in leadership, and for greater effectiveness through collaboration.

Day 25-28

Theme: OVC Project Kisoro Committee (Interim)

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/ovc-project-kisoro/


The OVC Project Kisoro (Kisoro OVC Intervention Project) works in collaboration with Kisoro Hospital, mainly, with an interim committee chaired by Ms. Jackie Nyirakwizera (Left), the Hospital Nursing Officer in charge of the HIV/AIDS Department.

The project has two on-station staff;

  1. Mrs. Patience Duhimbaze Gakuru (2nd Left), the Sports Counsellor and current head of administration affairs.
  2. Mr. George Duhimbaze (extreme right), Sports Outreach Volunteer.

We recognize the effort and support of the Joint Clinical Research Center which operates in Kisoro Hospital as the USAID Local Health Service Partner in Kigezi region which includes Kisoro. Three of the Kisoro committee members are part of the JCRC staff at the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Department, Kisoro Hospital.

  1. Ms. Justine Mpirirwe (3rd left)
  2. Mrs Vicky Nyiramugisha Ndengeye (3rd right)
  3. Ms. Jeninah Musabyimana (2nd right)

Prayer Points:

  • COMMITTEE: For God’s wisdom and support as they give advice and insights to the OVC Project Kisoro team.
  • STAFF: For God’s wisdom and effectiveness in operations.

Day 29-30

Weekend (skip).


Day 1

Public Holiday (Labour Day)

Day 2-3

Theme: Giving Thanks: Hope Community Action Africa Launched 46 Months Ago

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/2023/05/01/giving-thanks-hope-community-action-africa-launched-46-months-ago/


We officially launched Hope Community Action Africa with a prayer breakfast event on July 8th, 2019.

We thank God for a supportive prayer community He has given us from the beginning of the crucial work of Hope Community Action Africa. May God bless all who continually pray for and support our work, both global and local partners.
For the local community, kindly allow us recognize the families and individuals that stood with us from the beginning.

L-R, seated, in the featured picture: Ms. Jennifer Ninsiima (volunteer, 2019), Mr and Mrs Mugabi Michael (Mr Michael Mugabi, Trainer, took this picture), Mrs. Becky Bakidde (Lecturer, Kampala Evangelical School of Theology), Mrs. Vicky Ebong (Board member), Mrs. Babra Mbabazi (Finance department staff, Church of Uganda), Mrs. Gilbert Birungi.

L-R, standing: Pastor Dora Wataba (Board Chairperson), Mr Kevin Baguma (Freelance ICT Technician), Dr. Gilbert Birungi (Senior Pastor and Director, Mercy House Ministries), Jessica (Teacher, Victorious Education Services), Rev. Musa Syamusangira (Then a Mission department staff, Church of Uganda), Mr. Edwin Mbabazi (Finance department staff, Monitor Publications), Mrs Proscovia Sebunya (Director, Promoters of Efficient Technologies for Sustainable Development Uganda), Mr Emmanuel Manishimwe (HCAA Team Leader) and Mr Fred Kakembo (CEO, Uganda Children’s Centre).

Prayer Points:

  • For more families and individuals to join us officially by signing up as members of the HCA Fellowship.

Day 4-5

GIVING THANKS: Voyagers Bible Church, California, USA

Voyagers Bible Church has supported Emmanuel Manishimwe as a Missionary serving under Hope Community Action Africa, since 2019. Voyagers is also supporting 20 vulnerable children born with HIV/AIDS, through Kisoro OVC Intervention Project.

We appreciate Mr. Ken Prochnow, who not only is the contact person at Voyagers, but also a unique encourager, trainer and prayer partner. Ken has participated in training leaders online, mostly during the lock-down between 2020 and 2021.

Day 6-7

Weekend. A mission-related weekend reading will be launched soon.

Day 8-10

Theme: GIVING THANKS: The King’s Active Foundation, Sheffield, UK

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/partners/


King’s Active Foundation is supporting another 20 vulnerable children born with HIV/AIDS, through Kisoro OVC Intervention Project, with a cross-cutting ‘reach-all’ sport and activity intervention overseen by Caroline Coulthard.

We appreciate Mr. Richard Holmes, the CEO King’s Active Foundation, who started supporting Hope Community Action Africa since January 2020. Richard is a great mentor who has inspired the establishment of a unified Global Stakeholder Community for Hope Community Action Africa.

Ms. Caroline Coulthard, KAF Contact Person

Mr. Richard Holmes, Chief Executive Officer, King’s Active Foundation

Day 11

Theme: GIVING THANKS: Leaders and Community Involvement

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/2023/05/10/hon-sarah-mateke-leads-community-into-action-to-save-a-vulnerable-child/


May we give thanks for the leaders and communities God is inspiring to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Today we are thanking God for Hon. Sarah Mateke, Save the Children, Kisoro District Health Office and all who are responding the essential needs of vulnerable children. May the Lord keep them safe and focused. We have a lot to do to bring hope in the lives of children in our societies. Together we can!.

Day 16

Theme: GIVING THANKS: Cornerstone Ministry, Norway

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/partners/

Cornerstone Ministry is supporting HCA’s nutrition program designed for children with a critical need for intervention. Cornerstone Ministry is led by Mr. Havard and Mrs Maria Nygjerde.

Cornerstone Ministry is also supporting income generating projects, with the goal of enabling vulnerable families obtain an income as a strategy towards sustainable access to basic needs.

A holistic ministry in nature, Havard and Maria have supported leadership development programs in Lubaga division Kampala and Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in 2020 and 2021.

Pray for blessing for Cornerstone Ministry and its leadership: Mr. Håvard and Mrs. Maria Nygjerde. Pray for God’s blessings in their work in Norway.

Day 17

Theme: Leif and April Jacobsen, California, USA

Reference: https://hcaafrica.org/partners/


Mr. Leif and Mrs April Jacobsen

Leif and April Jacobsen have been supporting Hope Community Action Africa since 2019. They are a significant part of the community God is working through to provide a salary for the HCA Team Leader, a great and sustainable way to support the critical work of HCA Africa.

Leif and April have also supported HCA’s sports outreach program from 2019 to 2021, and provided support for an income generating project for a vulnerable family in Kisoro, under Kisoro OVC Intervention Project, in 2023.

God bless Leif and April Jacobsen.








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